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CEM CINAR is born in Turkey, raised in The Netherlands, and currently living and working in Paris, France.

A young artist and designer who continues to explore the borders between fashion design _ graphic design _ free arts _ object research _ installation arts.

CEM CINAR is a graduate from internationally acclaimed fashion school ESMOD in Paris, France, with foundations in Arts from ARTEZ, Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

He acquires working experiences in the fashion industry at various labels including Yohan Serfaty, Y/PROJECT, SPR+, Bas Kosters Studio, Rick Owens and Gareth Pugh.

In June 2013, he is invited by Gallery ARTPLATEFORME in Paris to showcase his works and organize a solo art exposition titled ANONYME ‘.

CEM CINAR’s works are influenced by his emotions, fused with his Dutch / Turkish cultural background, conceived through conceptual ideas and a creative process of assembly.

CEM CINAR stands for highly personal, sentimental and experimental works of art.

9380_10201218686767385_1194678177_nDont on connaît pas le nom


on connaît pas  l’auteur


dénué de personalité

1011723_10201218687247397_946792100_n  1044021_10201218686647382_2101563909_n

remerciements: Cristobal Sarria Chitty et  Katty Sanchez (vidèo), William Lounsbury (photo)

disponibles con previa cita/ available by appointment/ Disponible sur RDV

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